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Sydney is serving a year and a half for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Concepcion Mission from November 2013 - May 2015.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 21: Much Better


Thank you for all your prayers and cares for me! I really appreciate it. I really think it helps. This week has been much better, and I am finally starting to feel happier, more hopeful, and better as a companionship. :) 

AND GUESS WHAT?!! I got your package today!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO OPEN IT!!! It is super heavy! I can't wait to have a little Christmas in the Spring! Tecnically, Christ was born during this time of year anyway, so in that sense, it makes more sense, no? :)  

AND I am soooo excited for General Conference this weekend! It is seriously like my favorite weekends of the year. I love hearing the inspiring and uplifting words from the prophets and apostles. I want you all to think of at least one question that you want answered during the conference, write it down, and pray that you will receive an answer during conference throughout the week. Then listen very well during all the sessions and write down all your spiritual impressions. I know you will receive your answer, and have a very uplifting conference if you do. I know it from experience! :D

I am excited to hear Lauren is on her way to Mexico. I look forward to hearing her stories in the field there. I can’t believe she is already leaving the MTC. I feel like she just got there practically. It has been fun hearing her experiences, and remembering how I felt. It has helped me see my progress too.

Missionary Companions
Hermana Johnston

Interesting Fruit


Christmas in March

Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 20: Another Tough One!

Another very difficult week. But my companion and I did finally reach and even surpassed our meta (goal) to have 140 contacts this week. Yay! We have goals only to help us actually keep motivated to talk with everyone about the gospel since it can be really hard sometimes. We contacted 144 people in the street, talking with every single one at least a little about the gospel. We had some really good contacts too.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 18: Dreams Reveal

I’m not feeling so good. I have been quite sick this week, with fever and such, so I don’t know how fast I can write. Bleh.

BUT anyway, picking up from last time...

Tuesday of last last week, I had district class in the morning. Then we got to have lunch in our apartment! Yay! This happens sometimes when the members give us food and for some reason can’t have us at their house that day. We don’t complain because that gives us some relax time! Later that day we taught an older couple who is investigating the church and their evangelical friend. It was an interesting lesson. They were all very respectful and the couple was quite receptive to our lesson. They felt like the Book of Mormon made sense and that the church would need to be restored. So we’re excited for them. :) The evangelical friend had many questions and she was definitely trying to find fault with us. By the end she seemed satisfied and happy with us. :) If nothing else, I just want people to be more understanding of our religion. So it was good. 

I learned in the Living Prophets class, that our generation has been promised that we will all have at least one revelation by dream. Interesting huh?

One of the questions the woman asked was about revelation and if we believe we can receive it, or only our prophet. My companion explained that we can all receive revelation for ourselves and our families. She gave an example from her life about how she had a dream that came true and she believes it was revelation for her family. She said, in short, that she dreamed she saw her young cousins and some nephews playing in a river and she was standing on the other side. She looked down at the river and noticed a big whirlpool. The kids didn’t seem to notice it because there was a big rock in the way. She said in her dream she started yelling for them to watch out, but they didn’t hear her. When she woke up she said she felt confused at first and wasn’t sure what to think about the dream. As she started going about her day, she forgot about it. Later that evening, her family got a call that a cousin had drowned in a river in the country. She then remembered her dream again very clearly. I don’t know why she received the dream as opposed to someone else in her family, or if she was given the dream and she was supposed to help warn them? Or maybe the Lord knew it would be a way to help strengthen her testimony later? I don’t know... interesting though. A lot of people down here have dreams. I think most testimonies or things that are felt are hard to believe unless a person experiences it for themselves. You know?

Anyway, later that day, we had correlation with the mission leader of our ward. We just got a new one, and he is great! He has been very dedicated to his calling and is really trying to do everything he can to fulfill it! :)

Wednesday of last last week I got to help make bread in a little store here. We actually went to teach the woman at the register, since she had asked us to come back another day. She was busy so we asked is we could help. She said no, but maybe her husband might want help making the bread; and he invited us back! We didn’t end up helping much besides for moral support and trying a couple of things. But it was way interesting to watch! The guy has major muscles from making bread all the time. Now I understand why in The Hunger Games the author said Peeta was strong because he was a bread maker. Haha. So that was fun! :)

Visiting the Bakery
Thursday of last last week we visited a family from the church who is awesome and fun. In a way, they remind me of our family a little. They told me lots of fun names of characters in Spanish compared to English, such as:

Bugs Bunny = Conejo de la suerte
Star Wars = La guerra de la galaxia
Goofy = Tribilin
Micky Mouse = Ratton Miguel

And others, but those are the most funny! :)

Friday of last last week we had an interesting experience with the English class. We had two investigators at it. Yay! One even came on the spur of the moment, right before the class started. We found him and told him we have free English classes, then invited him to come. He actually came with us right then! So that was cool. :) 

Saturday last last week, we met an interesting old lady to start off our workday. I don’t have time to tell u all about her right now though. 

And I am out of time AGAIN! I shall eventually catch up.

The Dogs in Chile Appear to Run-a-Muck
Peacock Graffiti
Colorful Buildings
A Rats Nest of Power Lines

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 17: Foolish Fables

To pick up from last week...

Friday last last week, we knocked on a door, and a guy came out all angry. He was telling us how wrong our religion is and how we are just confusing all the good people around here. We just calmly talked to him and explained things when he had questions, but he always would cut us off to tell us how wrong we were. It was interesting. He has a very hard heart right now, but for the most part, he wasn’t mean - so that was good. Just an interesting experience. Later that day too, we found a family who was AWESOME! They were very receptive to the gospel message and were way kind. We are hoping they will progress. :)

Saturday last last week, we did an hour of picking up trash in the area! There is so much trash everywhere. So many people just throw their trash wherever. I am so grateful that the States are cleaner – it just looks so much prettier when there isn’t trash everywhere. But yea, that was fun! We are going to start doing that every Saturday I think. :) 

Sunday last last week, we went to church, had lunch at a members house, had language study, and then weekly planning. Nothing too unique happened.

Monday this past week we went and visited an investigator of ours, and she is pretty great. Her name is Monica. She is a woman of about maybe 70? She is very open to hearing the gospel, but I don’t think she is ready quite yet. I don’t think she has really been praying to know if the church is true or not. She is looking for a new church, but she seems to be looking superficially still, like which has the prettiest building and such. Nevertheless, she is reading the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets and she is very willing to listen and talk. I like her - she’s very nice. :) She was telling us about how all her family and neighbors are trying to warn her about Mormons, and how she doesn’t care what they say because God is the only person she needs to ask if the church is right. But, it is funny to hear the things people believe about Mormons. Here are some examples...

"Did you know Mormons worship a man named Jose (how they say Joseph in Spanish) Smith?? (not true) And they all read a book about him?? (also not true) Did you know they only pretend to worship Jesucristo, but they don’t actually worship him? (yea, that’s why we have Jesus Christ in the church's name-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Makes sense. lol) Did you know only rich people join the church and are members?? (definitely not true. tons of poor members here) Did you know the Mormon missionaries are actually spies? Their nametags have cameras on them! (yes, sadly that is a widely believed myth here) Did you know they believe that Joseph Smith followed a rainbow and at the end found some gold plates? THEN an angel riding a unicorn came down and told him how to restore the church. (Ok, that last one was a fib, but I almost think some people would actually believe it if they heard it. lol)

Justin Bieber???