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Sydney is serving a year and a half for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Concepcion Mission from November 2013 - May 2015.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 2 in the Mexico MTC


So another week has already past! What everyone says about the weeks seeming like days and the days seeming like weeks is true! I mean, sometimes the days go by really quick, other times they seem really long, but then the time also seems to fly by! It´s weird. Ha ha! 

 It is really nice to have 3 meals a day just made for you, and I love them all (or most of them). Mexican food makes me happy! We have refried beans, a sort of yummy rice & meat, and corn tortillas at least once every day and I haven't gotten tired of them!! I still love it so much! They change the flavors of everything so much that its almost always something new! I feel like they put a lot of work into our meals. They're so nice. I´ve decided that's one of the really nice things about the MTC, is that you just get these 6 weeks solely to focus on studying the language and the gospel! You don't have to worry about food or cleaning your apartments because other people do that for us. Its really nice, and such an opportunity to just delve into studies! :)

Model of MTC


Considering I´ve only been here for 14 days, its amazing how much me & my district already know & understand! Especially seeing the people who came in knowing absolutely no Spanish, yet are keeping up almost just as well as the rest of us! I still have a LOT to learn and study, but when the teachers are talking to us, I can understand most of what they say, so that's cool. Although, I know from listening and talking with other natives that the teachers are really kind. Ha ha! They really enunciate their palabras (words) & talk a little slower than normal. I can kind of hold a conversation, but as soon as I get nervous or frustrated, I can't remember anything and then the conversation becomes Spanglish. Ha ha! But its coming. The hardest thing is definitely the verb tenses and their conjugations. El idioma de EspaƱol y (the language of Spanish and) its las reglas (rules) are muy dificil. (very difficult) 

The first day, we got up at 6:30, which like I said, has actually gotten to be quite easy to do. I find that I wake up a lot of times a little before my alarm even! Most days I don't even feel tired! I know that this is a blessing from the Lord because getting up early, or sleeping on a schedule has NUNCA (never) been easy for me! Yet, it works great here, even from day one! I actually like that schedule. And the most amazing thing, like I said, was that this first official day, after having soooo little sleep that past few days, I wasn't tired! Definitely a blessing. :) 

We had a yummy breakfast at 7:15. Sometimes they feed us American food too, like pancakes, waffles, corn dogs, hot dogs. What's weird, is at home I never was a huge fan of ketchup. Yet here, for some reason, I really like ketchup. I swear it tastes different, but all mi hermanas say it tastes like normal ketchup. Weird.

Then we met our teachers, learned gospel stuff & language stuff, lunch, more study, gym, dinner, more study. Then they gave us our 1st "investigator" that 1st night! He has become our night teacher this week and from now on. He only spoke to us in Spanish and he is very good at acting uninterested, tired, and bored. Ha ha! It was intimidating, but good. I have found my biggest problem when I teach (among many things) is that once I get nervous & not sure what to say because of the lack of knowledge of the language, I suddenly can't stop myself from laughing!!! It is awful!! Its like the worst thing u could possibly do in front of an investigator! They would feel like I'm laughing at them, but I'm really just laughing at my own stupidity and lack of knowledge. its like a curse. Some people cry - apparently I can't control my laughing. So pray for me to break this habit of laughing during lessons. It's somewhat OK in the MTC, but not for real. Ugh. 

OK, so sadly, I'm already out of time. It's so annoying that I can't write faster. So, i guess i´ll write you all next Thursday! Love u all lots! Keep writing - especially letters! But be aware, it takes at least 2 weeks for mail to get here, so don't send anything too close to the date of Dec. 17th. 

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