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Sydney is serving a year and a half for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Concepcion Mission from November 2013 - May 2015.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 11: Buses & Broomsticks

Well, this week we lost power in the night 2 times (all of Coihueco for no apparent reason), so we had to plan and such by candle and flashlights! So that was fun.

Um, random thought/fact: Houses here are all made of wood or plaster-ish here b/c it gets cold in the winter. Up further north like in Santiago, Mexico City, Guatamala or in the Northern parts of Brazil (I’ve talked to ppl from all over the world here. That’s how I know this.) they have cement houses b/c it helps keep it cooler. Its funny though, b/c although these house are wood, almost NONE have insulation and the walls are all extremely thin, so its not extremely helpful. haha! But, it would b better than cement I suppose. The really REALLY nice apartments probably have insulation though, b/c they have heating in the winter. But even the nicest apartments around, like what the mission president & wife live in, still don’t have air conditioning. It’s different. Only a couple of the gigantic stores and a very few long-travel type buses have air conditioning. Which, speaking of, btw, I get to ride buses here ALL the time! And when you’re on the bus, there is no such thing as personal space! lol! Usually we’re lucky enough to get seats, but there have been a lot of times I’ve been packed in like a sardine on the bumpy, crazy bus rides - that gets me a bit bus sick. :P Its an adventure though!

Funny Moment:

The other week, we were at a member’s house for lunch, and she had some brooms that are seriously way legit! Like she carved the sticks herself, and tied on dried grasses to make the sweeper! So my companion & us hermanas got to take some fun goofy pictures as witches on them! There are 4 hermanas in Coihueco right now, so we all go eat together a lot which is fun! The members are so great to feed so many of us and so frequently! A lot of them feed us once a week! But anyway, while we were showing her our fun photos, I told the member/ Sister that her brooms are way cool! However, on accident, I said “Sus brujas son bacan” instead of “Sus escobas son bacan!” So I actually said your witches are cool!! lol! We all had a good laugh about that one. Opps! :P Mistakes can be kind of funny, if but a little embarrassing. haha! 

Bus Trip With Coihueco Companion
Homemade Brooms
Homemade Brooms
"Your Witches are Cool"

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