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Sydney is serving a year and a half for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Concepcion Mission from November 2013 - May 2015.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 42: Happy Birthday!

This was the last week before transfers and it was a good one. The past six weeks went by very fast. My companion, Hermana Davidson, is leaving. :( She is going to Talcahuano Sur and will be a Sister Training Leader. It makes me sad, but we had fun together. It was a nice break from all the stress I’ve felt in the mission (most of the stress comes from companions). This cambio was much needed. Now we are both recuperated, so we can move on again. I will be staying in Penco, which I’m glad about, since I am happy here near the beach. I will be with Hermana Montañez who is from Mexico. She seems very nice, so I’m excited. She has the same amount of time in the mission as me, and I feel like we can continue to have some good success in the area. :D 

In District Class on Tuesday, the zone leaders asked me to direct the hymn. As we were about to start, they all began singing happy birthday to me. After class, they surprised me with two yummy chocolate cakes they made. That was nice and fun! 

Is That Mary Poppins?
RIP Party

On my birthday, Hermana’s Baturite, Harris and Davidson (those living in my house) surprised me by decorating our study room. They also made me a card and got me some earrings and candy! :) It was such a nice surprise. That day I had a mini-cambio with Hermana Baturitè, which went well. We got to play soccer in the evening as a mission activity, to get to know investigators. When we got back to the house that evening the Hermana’s surprised me with homemade lemon pie. They sang to me and I got to blow out candles and everything. :) It was a good day.

Saturday morning all the missionaries in the zone prepared for a stake activity. We blew up balloons and decorated. It was a good time. Later in the day, we got to participate in the activity. The hermana’s and I had to act a part. It was interesting. Ha-ha!

On Sunday, Hermana’s Davidson, Baturitè, and I threw a little surprise going away party for Hermana Harris because this was her last transfer.

As for something spiritual, here is my thought for the week:
In 1 Nephi 17:20-21, Nephi’s brothers are complaining about having to live in the wilderness for so long (8 yrs). They are saying that if they had stayed in Jerusalem instead of following their "foolish fathers" dreams, they would be happy and enjoying their wealth instead of suffering. However, Jerusalem had already been destroyed, so they most likely would be dead if they had stayed. As I read this I thought that we don’t know what God has planned for our lives. He knows all and is a perfect, loving Father who wants the best for us - so we need to trust in Him. We should be grateful for every moment in our lives, even the difficult ones. Everything we experience is for our benefit.

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