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Sydney is serving a year and a half for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Concepcion Mission from November 2013 - May 2015.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 62: Week of Miracles

Monday, my house companions and I got Pizza Hut pizza and ate it on the campus of La Universidad de Concepcion. Later we visited a member and she gave us a fruit called Golden Berry. I have never seen such a fruit, but it tasted good. Then we shared a message with her and her nonmember husband. Afterwards we got to talk with him and got to know him better. He showed us his talent of playing the harmonica. He was super good. The cool part is he came to a social gathering at the church on Saturday, and he came to church on Sunday for the sacrament meeting too.

Golden Berry

Tuesday, I hit my 14-month mark.

Wednesday, we got to teach our atheist investigator. Even though he doesn’t believe, he is open to listening, praying, and reading the Book of Mormon. He has the desire to believe, and like it says in Alma 32 - just a desire to believe is what a person needs to be able to plant the seed of faith.

We also visited some less-actives, Hermana Mirta and Fransisca. We were able to help get Fransisca excited enough to sign up for EFY. I hope she goes because it will help her a lot.

Thursday, we had a mini-cambio, and I stayed in my area with Hermana Morroquin from El Salvador. It was a fun day, especially because she had served here about eight months ago. She got a chance to see everyone again and how much the ward progressed. With the help of Hermana Morroquin, one of our investigators finally understood the importance of baptism and accepted a goal to be baptized!

Friday, we had our first lesson with Hector. Hector went to church in Chiguayante and afterward told the elders that he wanted to learn more. Since he lives in our area the elders referred him to us. Our first clue that he was super great was after we set up the lesson date, HE called US to confirm the meeting. That NEVER happens! For the lesson we talked about the restoration of the gospel.  Then on Saturday we taught Hector about the plan of salvation and why we’re on earth. He has studied the Bible a lot, and he said everything we have taught him makes sense. He has already accepted a date for baptism.

Saturday, we cleaned the chapel and then went to a good-bye surprise party for someone in our ward. In the afternoon my companion and I were walking down the street, when suddenly a car passed by and the driver motioned for us to wait. They parked the car and a guy and a girl (about 20 years old) got out. It turns out that they have a brother who had taken the lessons from missionaries about a year ago. The girl now wants to learn about the church because she has lost her confidence in her church.

Sunday, was AMAZING! These two random people came to church and the girl stayed the whole time. She really liked it and wants to come next week. Our two investigators with baptism dates came, and also the husband of the member we visited on Monday. Lots of less-actives also attended church, and our recent convert Hermano Feliciano received his first calling as ward missionary. Later in the day we contacted two people from Serbia. Then we had a dinner appointment with Hermano Feliciano and Hermana Blanca, and they made us pizza. Great day! :D

Welcome to Talcahuano!

La Universidad de Concepcion Campus

New Chilean Dress

Talk to Everyone!

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