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Sydney is serving a year and a half for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Concepcion Mission from November 2013 - May 2015.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 13: Ups & Downs

I’m in my sector! And yes, it is pretty different than Coihueco.

Last week, after emailing you guys and such, and working for the last hours of the evening & night, I said goodbyes to different members and such. (mainly ppl one of the other hermanas knew well since she was leaving also and had been there for 6 months) I packed like crazy!! I have decided there is one benefit to sheer material - its great for packing! It is lightweight, and takes up almost no room! So sheer material is good for that! haha! Lauren, If you get some, just get 2 and count it as one. lol!

Then, I got up extra early and we had to rush to get ready, and get all our stuff onto the bus to Chillan. The real challenge came in trying to fit all of our stuff in one taxi! We were late for our bus so we had to buy a ticket for the next bus - which was a little frustrating since I was seriously out of money and had been ready on time. (yes. shocker I know. lol!) Then I met up with my new companion in the bus terminal in Concepcion and a kind member took us in his car to our apartment with all my stuff. Then I had like 30 min to quickly unpack as much as I could, and we went out and started working!

I have to say, this week has definitely been draining what with all the change, and all the Spanish (which has been going a lot better than I had actually hoped for, so that’s good) and having a completely normal schedule now. I really appreciate that my 1st six weeks were almost a transition zone for me. I think it was good. So I’ve been feeling definitely up and down, often times many times in one day. It’s depressing to go out and feel like everyone finds you annoying and won’t give you the time of day except for the creepy drunk guys (which are many) who just think we’re pretty. :P It makes you feel like your time is being wasted. But these past 2 days have been really good. I really enjoyed church, even though I had to introduce and bear my testimony again. (I had less fear than normal, so that’s good) The ward is bigger this time! I’d say my 90ish ppl? The members are all great. I’ve gotten to do a couple Noche de Hogars (FHE) with families, and have loved them. So far, I am feeling more at home in this ward. It feels more right for me, which is interesting since I only ended up staying in Coihueco for six weeks, and I will probably be here for the next couple months. Also, today has been good since I got to go the BEACH and hike for a couple hrs through the hills, and play ultimate frisbee and volleyball! :) 

Outside Chillancito Apartment
P-day Bus

Beach Near Concepcion
Beach Near Concepcion
Me & My Companion
Chilean Flag

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