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Sydney is serving a year and a half for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Concepcion Mission from November 2013 - May 2015.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 14: Three Months Out

This week actually was a pretty good week! My comp and I get along quite well - she’s really funny. And this week we did a lot better with finding people to teach and having some of them actually show interest, and we got some in-actives who haven't been at church for months to come this Sunday (and an investigator), which was cool. One of them had a pretty neat experience/realization that helped her decide to come back to church this Sunday after like seven or eight months of inactivity! 

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, but when I went to the beach, I also got to hold a wild tarantula! I was the first girl brave enough to hold it too! haha!
Spider Woman
A funny thing that happened Tuesday ... My comp and I saw and talked to a guy, who we had met drunk the other day. (he had come up to us to tell us we were beautiful and he doesn’t care what others say about the Mormons, we’re great. Then he kissed my comps hand. lol) When we talked to him on Tues, he seemed to not remember that at all, or if he did, he was acting like he didn’t, but what was funny, was when we asked him if he would like to hear more about the church, he said he didn’t have time b/c he was only a passerby through town. (Obviously lying) Then we ended up seeing him walk into his house later, then much later that same day sitting outside just talking with some person. He looked embarrassed to see us again. lol. Either way, it was funny to us. It probably doesn’t sound funny to you guys, but it was. lol) BUT I wish ppl would just be honest and tell us they’re not interested. So many Chileans try not to offend us by telling us fake addresses, or telling us to return another day. Then they say they’re too busy and return again. Or they just don’t answer the door even though they are obviously home. :P It wastes our precious time and energy! lol!

This week, we also got to celebrate our cumplemeses too! Mine (3 months) and another Hermana in my group (8 months) shared our cumplemes day and ate yummy baked goods! Then my companion’s cumplemes was yesterday, and it was her big half way mark! (9 months) So we had cake & had some fun with that. That night, we borrowed a homeless guy’s fire so she could burn a skirt (like the elders burn a shirt!) lol! It was really funny. :)

Yesterday during lunch, the family we ate with had the Olympics on, so we got to watch some of the figure skating, my favorite part of the Olympics!  (even thought technically were not supposed to watch stuff. lol! it was fun) We got to watch the USA team skaters. That was fun to all watch and talk and see the winning teams and such. I love the Olympics. :)

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you guys - I also teach English classes every Friday now for one hr. I actually enjoy it! Its pretty low stress, and a nice change in schedule.

Also, random, but it makes me feel good b/c a lot of ppl have acted very surprised at how well I can speak Spanish and a lot have said I have very good pronunciation! Yay!

So far I am really liking this area! I like all the trees, and the members are great. Really this has been a good week, and now that I have written some, I feel a lot better. :) 

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